The start of something new

CB:s Training has been around since the beginning of this millennia. Now its about time for us to broaden our view on what we are offering. This site encompasses more than our previous site did and we hope that you will appreciate our new look and feel, and that you will also benefit from the added services we offer.


New to this site:

  • Horses, interestingly enough it was really out of date, but now you can research our horses and get inspired about your new foal, that we know you want!
  • Photography, where you can find professional services as well as highly skilled amateur photographers serving the industry with what we all love: Great Pictures!
  • The News column where we write about what’s happening at shows we participate in or are associated with and also writing about what we see as useful information regarding training, breeding and other interesting subjects. You re-find it by clicking the top Logo.

This site and it’s content is provided by Penny and Anders Berndtsson. Who got a common focus on bringing knowledge, both practical and theoretical to the community of the horse showing crowd. In addition to our own services we are also promoting services by others based on our own discretion.