Lazy White Loper


Writing a new chapter in the Books of European Paint Horse History! It’s with and immense pride and joy that we announce that Lazy White Loper has arrived in Sweden.
Together with Jennifer Sandström and Catarina Cattis Karlsson we are embarking on a very ambitious journey. And it’s a journey best made together with friends!

Jennifer Sandström, who has been around in the Swedish Paint and Quarter horse industry for years, since the nineties. She has been looking for a new prospect!. (Already since she, or we all, lost CBSFreckleMyWiz, who won everything she entered, but never made it to the European Scene.) A new Prospect who would have the capacity to change European Paint Horse breeding for ever! Catarina Cattis Karlsson, who’s been around CB:s Training for years, training and having the ambition to be a major part of the scene, also stepped up to the plate. Together we are making this happen right NOW! We can’t describe it as anything less than a gift to the European Paint Horse Industry!
For me, this journey began several years ago, when I saw his “Brother from another Mother”, Lazy Luva win the Longe Line at the APHA World Show in 2012. It was one of those victories, which was all over and done with before it even began. Just seeing him entering the arena you knew that he would win it. Then years passed, Steven C Biller, with a constant eye on the Industry and Kate Joos, who has been taking over after Carol Rose as one of the leading players in the Breeding business were working for us to make this happen, and suddenly. Al stars and planets lined up and it actually did happen!


Lazy White Loper is a Tovero, that is he is both Overo and Tobiano. He is also carrying double traits of Black, indicating he won’t produce any sorrels [Aa, EE, nd1/nd2, LWO/n, TO/n]. He is 5-Panel N/N, but OLW-positive. He’s father is the legendary Lazy Loper, who needs no further presentation. And his mother A Pleasure Machine (E: A Good Machine) is a masterpiece of breeding and heritage if you like Pleasure and Hunter. He’s born in 2016, so his first breeding season will be in 2019.


We are very happy to be a part of this! Under the guidance and training of Top Pro Exhibitor Pernilla C Berndtsson we will do everything in our powers to give the European Paint Horse Industry a huge Push into the future.
/Jennifer Sandström, Catharina Cattis Karlsson, Pernilla C och Anders S Berndtsson!