Summary of 2018

2018 was one of those “in between” years, we didn’t do the German Paint Championships and we didn’t do the EuroPaint (w horses), but on the other hand we spend several days in the emergency room due to Hartfibrilation (Anders) and broken bones and a planned knee surgery (Penny).


Our first comittment of 2018 was to buy Lazy White Loper together with Jennifer Sandström and Cathrine Cattis Karlsson. A true comittment to the Paint Industry! – We are not done yet!

Also brought some new babie Paints and Quarters to the world encourageing new owners /riders for the future!


Anders also Participated at the EuroPaint this time as a Scribe, and yes there is a plan to further deepen that and move towards Judging within the Paint and Quarters.

Swedish Paint Horse Championships was a huge Success not only did Ellen Participate riding for the first time. But Sara Liwells CBS Party Elegance also secured the High Point Halter and performed great in a number of classes.


Last effort of the year was for the family to show She Can Cruise at the Color Breed Congress in Tulsa, Oklahoma in November. Tough tough competitioon and an experience full of insights.

So although not an ordinary year, a lot of things happened. And we are very convinced 2019 will be better. We are Expecting foals out of Ima PartyCrasher, Docs Leaguer and HC Micro Mechanic. We are also expecting puppies from our Rottweiler Shakira. And the Show season is packed with Interesting Shows! See you out there!