A Successful International German Paint Horse Championship 2022

This years second show was a large one and took some traveling and planning. International German Paint Horse Championship was held in Rieden/Kreuth, southern Germany. We went there w two horses “Extreme” CBS Party Elegance and “Baby” CBS ClearlyAPartyBabe. Both coped really well w the tripp (both there and home), partially thanks to us stopping and walking them several times along the journey (to fellow Autobahn-travellers great surprice and amusement). It all started a little mediocre in the first Halter-classes for Extreme, but then: What a development, both Ellen and Penny took several medals. Total of 6 silver medals:

CBS ClearlyAPartyBabe, -Silver in Open 2YO Halter w Penny

CBS Party Elegance:

-Show All-Around Award Open w Penny (all four judges)

-Silver in Open Senior HUS w Penny

-Silver in Nov Youth HSE w Ellen

-Silver in Nov Youth HUS w Ellen

-Silver in Youth HSE w Ellen

-Silver in Youth HUS w Ellen