Penny is doing clinics at a number of locations. Riders at clinics will benefit from Pennys vast experience from training and showing horses of all sorts and types. Penny is continuously adding to her knowledge base and experience by intensely showing at the highest level in both Sweden, rest of Europe and the USA.

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Set up and cost for participants are dependent on the circumstances and situation of the individual hosts. Please contact the hosts for information on how to enter and the costs therefore:

Petra Wingefors for clinics in  Karlstad 

Anders Berndtsson  for clinics at Kungsvikstorp

For Hosts:

Cost for Clinic 4000sek per day plus 6% VAT. Travel costs at 3,50 SEK/km + 25% VAT. Food and accommodation to be provided by the host at the host’s cost. Weekdays 10% off.

Workdays 10 hours including 2*15 min breaks and 45min lunch. For example 08.00-10.30, 10.45-13.00, 13.45-15.45, 16.00-18.00.