Penny is doing clinics at a number of locations. Riders at clinics will benefit from Pennys experience from training and showing horses of all sorts and types. Penny is continuously adding to her knowledge base and experience by intensely showing at the highest level in both Sweden, rest of Europe and the USA.

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Set up and cost for participants are dependent on circumstances and situation of the individual hosts. Please contact the hosts for information on cost and how to enter, see Calendar.

For guests: -This is how we run it at Kungsvikstorp! Please get inspired or give feedback!

We have been running clinics according to this format for approximately 20 years now. We use them for our own weekend-clinics, when we have external trainers coming in and we also tend to use this format for individual lessons during the weekend (I.e. if there are only 2-3 riders over a weekend we still use this setup for a one day-event). At Kungsvikstorp we manage the schedule and the accommodation and food for everyone, including horses.  (There is so much to be gained in the training situation from the participants don’t needing to focus on “where to buy the nearest pizza” and they can stay focused and not drop their sugars in the middle of riding). We have people saying that training under these conditions gives them the opportunity to stay focused and leave their everyday routines and really focus on horses and training 100%.

Ideally the number of “horse and rider combinations” are 10. It’s also possible to run 12, but it’s a very demanding challenge for the trainer and also for the one doing the cooking (consider that some of the participants will have a friend, relative or other help with them, and you might end up managing 25 guests for lunch and dinner.

The idea is to have people “ride” 4 slots over a weekend

  • Day one/Saturday morning somewhere between 08am and 1pm
  • Day one/Saturday afternoon somewhere between 2pm and 7pm
  • Day two/Sunday morning somewhere between 08am and 1pm
  • Day two/Sunday afternoon somewhere between 2pm and 7pm

The time everyone “handles”/”rides” or gets their horse “handled”/”ridden” or ”trained” is anything from 15 minutes to 1hour per slot, all depending on how much information and effort the rider and/or the horse can digest. It’s key for this format to work that everyone trusts in this format. Everyone will in the end get the help they need, and it’s generally more information and effort than they can handle.

Entry Intervals in the Schedule for every “horse and rider combination” are set to 30 minutes (exempt for the afternoon day two, when it’s 20 minutes (Horses and riders all get tired). It’s important that “the horse rider combination” enters the arena at the set time, and starts their warmup routine, it’s not that their training necessarily will start at that exact time (hardly never) but it’s essential that they are “in a que” so that the trainer can choose to engage them whenever he or she likes, at will. Sometimes a horse will only need (or can only take in) a quick effort, and then you don’t want to waste time waiting for another rider to come in, and sometimes it will take longer, and the next rider will simply wait. Or sometimes the trainer can take over and ride a horse while also initiating another rider, or just ask a rider to start riding so that the trainer gets the opportunity to evaluate the rider/horse. The fact that the riders are ready, provides for a greater flexibility & efficiency. Cooling down after your training is also done in the arena. This also contributes to experience of a “warm up pen during a Show”, which is much needed experience for a horse coming from any private or small stable.

Everyone pays the same amount, and everyone are attending or listening in on each other’s slots as well. There is much to learn from each other (both successes and shortcomings), and its strengthening for riders to feel that whatever their issue, they are not alone, there is much comfort and support to be gathered from your horse friends. We usually don’t charge for “Fence-Riders”.

And everyone also has lunch and dinner together, it’s not always that everyone stays overnight (sometimes it’s a local Clinic and everyone goes home) but there is a common breakfast day two so that everyone has the possibility to gather again and go through the schedule of day two (cause ist always changes, according to preferences and or traveling requirements etc).

Clinics at another location, info for local hosts:

Clinics typically run over two days, but  can also be shorter, although not shorter than one day considering the travel time usually involved. Cost for Weekend-Clinic 4500sek per day plus 6% VAT. Travel costs at 3,50 SEK/km + 25% VAT. Weekdays 10% off. Food and accommodation to be provided by the host at the host’s cost. Workdays 9 hours including 2*10min smaller breaks and 40min lunch. For example 09.00-10.50, 11.00-13.00, 13.40-15.50, 16.00-18.00. Additional time outside of 9 hours at 600sek/hour + 6% VAT.