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When facts are obscured (we all know how thing get confusef on Facebook), it must be said that CBS Little Larry (as well as his dam Gamblers Confetti and sire Gators Dirty Larry) are all 5-Panel Negative (which includes PSSM1) . He was also OLW N/N which was why we choose to use him producing CBS SportyLittle Abby, before he was sold and subsequently gelded by a new owner. Abby was btw shown at Celebration -19 and did great. Having said that, we are greatly concerned with his health and hope that the current owner finds professional assistance. But we are also concerned with the state of the Paint Community, please people, help each other out!

HC Micro Mechanics DNA-status on the homapege has btw been updated, in addition to being 6-panel N/N by Ethalon Diagnostics (by APHA) , i e OLW N/N, GBED N/N, HERDA N/N, HYPP N/N, MH N/N, PSSM1 N/N. IHe is Agouti A/a and Black/Red e/e.